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The purpose of the Ask A Mason section of our site is to help answer any and all questions you may have about the brickwork on your current or future home.

#1 - What are the benefits of having a brick home?

Answer: There are many benefits to owning a brick home including increased resale value, increasing energy efficiency. Click here to read many other benefits of a owning a brick home.

#2 - What kind of maintenance is required for masonry?

Answer: Masonry is durable, but depending on the material used in your construction various types of mainenance may be required. Click here to read about the maintence required on your masonry construction.

#3 - What different types of brick can I use on my new home?

Answer: There are many different types of brick and stone available for your new home. We have put together a large list of some of the top brick and stone suppliers in the US and worldwide.

#4 - Where can I learn more about masonry?

Answer: There are many organizations involving masonry, many of which you can find if you follow this link. In addition to that we have put together a list of various home construction web sites that talk in depth about not only masonry but all aspects of home construction.

#5 - Can you recommend anyone to do my brickwork outside of the cities that you cover?

Answer: The answer is YES. Here are a list of other bricklayers around Chicago and the northern Chicago Suburbs.

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