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The Old House Web - Explore the world of old-house remodeling and restoration with The Old House Web. Publishing since 1999.

Masonry Magazine - This periodical covers every aspect of the mason contractor profession, not only equipment and techniques but topics such as building codes and standards, training the future masonry labor force, business planning, promoting your business, job interviewing, negotiation, legal issues and more.

Clay Brick and Paver Institute - The Clay Brick and Paver Institute (CBPI) is the peak body of the Australian brick industry. Originally founded in 1959 as the Brick Development Research Institute, it is wholly funded by the industry. Its membership includes the majority of brick manufacturers including three national companies.

Brick Development Association - The Brick Development Association (BDA) promotes the use of clay bricks and pavers in architectural, structural, landscape and craft applications.

Ask The Builder - Multifaceted resource, which covers all aspects of construction from woodwork to masonry, interior to exterior.

Find A Masonry Contractor - Helps users find a local masonry contractor, including news and articles. - Helps user decide if a gas fireplace is right for them.

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